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Gene found art in everything. Design was a favorite of his. Where some would see a car, Gene would see the artistry of the design. The blending of an idea with materials, and manufacturing processes, and the skill of the assembly all coming together in an artistic statement.


However, Gene would not admit to anything so grand. He would often call his own art "Simulated Art".  This term always made me laugh: a "simulation" is an imitation. So how could something be an imitation of art, if art is an imitation of life?Can something imitate an imitation?


Whatever the case may be, here are some examples of Gene Young's "Simulated Art"


Special Effects

Gene always had a love for photography. He shot any format he could get his hands one. He once told me a story about he threw a Hasselblad out a 3rd story window...


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Gene had an early (and prestigious) start to his motion picture effects career. Starting under the tutelage of effects pioneer Linwood Dunn. For many years, Gene operated Gene Young Effects and had a small motion control stage in Glendale Ca.


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Gene Young and his team of Model Makers at Gene Young Effects put together many exhibits. For clients ranging from Jet Propulsion Laboratories to Chicago Art Institute, to the Intrepid Air & Space Museum. Pieces from Gene Young Effects could be seen on display everywhere.


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Working for Charles & Ray Eames, Gene saw the art in furniture design


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Architectural Mock-Ups


Before computers companies would hire artists to make architectural mock-ups before the expense was spent building the real thing. Gene Young Effects Did many of these projects for things like trade show kiosks, and lobby remodeling, Here are but a few examples.

Gene Young saw art in mechanical function. His sculpture reflects that. Take a look at some of Gene's Sculptures



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