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Babylon - 5

A show like "Babylon 5" uses a lot of props. Futuristic weapons and tech from many different civilizations, and styles. All those gadgets puts a strain on the shows main prop team, so many of the props get "farmed out" to independent shops. One such shop was Gene Young Effects.


Gene Young Effects created many of the memorable props from the TV show Babylon 5. Gene Young was well known in Hollywood for his ray-gun designs (having been used in projects like "Buck Rodgers" and "Men in Black". ) He made many of "Babylon 5's" memorable weapons.

Ray-guns aren't the only thing Gene Young made for "Babylon 5". His team also made the helmets, hand communicators, and various other props from the show. Gene's experience in furniture design came in handy when it came time to design the space stations captains chair.

Gene loved to work with Acrylic, and one of his personal favorites for Babylon 5 was an Acrylic model of the space station that sat on the Ship Commanders Desk.

When Babylon-5 spun off a sister series: "The Crusade", Gene was there also. read more about Babylon-5: The Crusade

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