Grumpier Old Men

Grumpier Old Men is a film the Gene Young really got a kick out of being a part of. He was a big fan of stars Walter Matthau, and Jack Lemmon. Gene and I used to talk a lot about movies, and two of his favorites were 1968's "Candy" starring Walter Matthau, and 1965's "How to Murder Your Wife" Starring Jack Lemmon.


Besides being a fan of the leading duo, whenever someone would ask Gene how he was, his usual answer was "Grumpy". Somehow I feel he enjoyed being a part of this franchise.


Gene made the animatronic fish for this movie. His shop also made the sculpture of Jack Lemmon. (spoiler alert) In a scene in the film, a sculpture of Jack Lemmon's character is broken. In order to be able to shoot the scene multiple times, from multiple angles, there needed to be multiple (breakable) sculptures. One of the sculptures that worked at Gene's shop sculpted the statue. (I can't remember who it was. if someone out there does, please let us know so we can give her credit here.) Then a silicone mold was made, and multiple "breakaway" versions were made from that.


*we still have the mold (although the fig leaf is missing...) We may be making a limited run of the statues and I will post photos when that is done.

"Grumpy, as usual" - GY

ene Young Effects


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