ene Young Effects



Stealth Bomber

Gene Young's connections to the aerospace industry go way back. In High School, as Gene once told me, he won a big science award for his work on rocket engines, and as a result received an internship under Werner Von Braun. Through connections he made at that time he continued to work with the aerospace industry doing several projects for the USAF, JPL, and NASA.


When the United States Air Force wanted to showcase new stealth technology in a string of recruitment ads in the early 1990's, but didn't want to use actual Stealth Bombers, the called on Gene to preform some movie magic.


The above commercial is the result of Gene and his shops work . Below is a series of pictures of the Stealth Bomber Model that Gene and his shop made. The model was first sculpted out of wood, and then a fiberglass mold was made from which fiberglass bodies were made and finished into the final product that was wired and rigged with lights.

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