ene Young Effects


Gene Young Grew up watching the Sci-Fi Serials of the 1950's. As a boy, he used to experiment with home rocketry. In High School, Gene won a science competition for his work with rocketry that landed him an internship at NASA working under Werner Von Braun. Gene Loved Sci-Fi.


With Gene's previous work in rocketry, and his Kinetic Art sculptures, it is no wonder Gene quickly became known for his Ray-Guns.


Gene Young Effects created rifles and sidearms for many movies and TV shows. From Buck Rodgers to Men in Black.


The intricacy of the detail work, combined with the design nuances created weapons that were, as Gene liked to say, "Complex enough to look like they might actually work"

Unfortunately, I do not know what show each of these weapons was used for. If anyone out there knows, feel free to comment below, or send us an e-mail.

In this screen grab from Men in Black, you can see some of Gene Young's Ray-Guns

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