ene Young Effects


From the Earth to the Moon

I worked on two projects with Gene Young for "From the Earth to the Moon". The first was the Lunar Lander. The Lunar Lander was basically one of the miniatures used in the film "Apollo 13". However, it was not shot as closely in that film, and wasn't built to face that much scrutiny. We had to "fix" it. We milled new legs out of aluminum to better represent the original Lunar Lander, and we replaced all the navigational exhausts.

The second project I worked with Gene Young on for "From the Earth to the Moon" was the full scale replica of the Lunar Rover. Gene used his connections at JPL to get an actual lunar rover fender for us to make a mold of. from that we made the fenders for the recreation that Gene had made for the version used in the movie.

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